In honour of the Pedro Cano’s work, Blanca opened the Fundacion Pedro Cano museum and gallery in November 2010

Discover the Moorish heritage amid romantic winding streets of                                            BLANCA

Blanca, one of the six villages of the famous Ricote Valley, is undoubtedly one of the most undiscovered Spanish destinations in the world. Beaches on the Costa Calida of Murcia are remarkably well-known due to the elegance of their visitors, but we should not forget that the heart Murcian village of Blanca has many centuries of history and, before being a, rural tourist, destination, this fascinating area was a typical moorish town. Therefore, if you are staying in one of the hotels on the Murcian coast   or plan to see it on your next vacation, we recommend you to learn more about Blanca, especially the old quarter.

The Valle de Ricote -Ricote Valley- was the last Moorish redoubt in Spanish Levante. This is one of the most beautiful and undiscovered parts of the fertile irrigated plains around the River Segura. The villages of Abaran, Blanca, Ojós, Ricote, Ulea and Villanueva del Segura, surrounded by fruit and citrus orchards, transport us to an ideal world inside Spain.

The purpose of this web site is to introduce you to this undiscovered place.